Personal Coaching

I can be your Personal Coach  👗 Contact me by mail if you are interested (via ‘contact’ see below) Advice Your colours    Your style       Your shopping     Different services Analyse of the colours that suits you most: this will be done by using fabrics in different colours that I will put […]

Emporio Armani fall-winter 2023

Enjoy the fashion show fall-winter 2023 Ready to Wear Emporio Armani! Immediately after the Emporio show in Giorgio Armani’s Via Bergognone theater, his Armani/Silos gallery over the road hosted its latest opening: Guy Bourdin: Storyteller. Mr. Armani said that the rich bursts of saturated color—magenta, blue, teal, purple, and turquoise that were especially effective when jumbled in […]

Shape A

Thin at the top, large at the bottom Hips are larger than shoulders (around 10 cm) Small waist Medium to small bust If straight shoulders, large flat hips If round shoulders, large round hips Celebrities with shape A: Rihanna, Jennifer Love Hewitt What to wear Target: balance the proportion between the top and bottom of your […]