Shape A

  • Thin at the top, large at the bottom
  • Hips are larger than shoulders (around 10 cm)
  • Small waist
  • Medium to small bust
  • If straight shoulders, large flat hips
  • If round shoulders, large round hips

Celebrities with shape A: Rihanna, Jennifer Love Hewitt

What to wear

Target: balance the proportion between the top and bottom of your body by accentuating the top







  • Jackets with shoulder pads (create shoulders)
  • Long or short jacket but not ending on your hips
  • Puff sleeves (on shoulder, not on wrist)
  • Boat collar, large collar
  • Top in lighter color than bottom
  • Top with horizontal stripes
  • Pashmina, scarf
  • Flared or straight trousers, on waist or high waisted
  • Flared skirt, straight skirts, on waist or hight waisted
  • Flared dress

To avoid

  • Jacket in supple materials, without shoulder pads
  • Tight dress or skirt
  • Low waist pants, skinny pants
  • Low waist skirt
  • Too large dress or skirt
  • Belt on the hips