A classy but not ordinary dress

Very classy light blue fine straps dress with false belt on the chest. This dress from Paule Ka is slightly waisted and very feminine.
As usual with Paule Ka, the cut of the dress is timeless and even if the price is not cheap, you will be able to wear the dress for years without the risk of being out of fashion.
Though the dress is classic, the false belt on the chest makes the difference.
As it is a classy dress, don’t wear it too short, this could make it vulgar.
The dress can be worn in many ways.
You can wear it for special occasions and finish it of with a transparent organza stole in the same colour of the dress. You will have the perfect outfit for a wedding or a reception.
If you want it to be very fashion, you can  wear it as seen at Louis Vuiton (!) with a shirt under the dress, the classy dress will become fashion!

Amuse yourself by creating different looks!

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Tips & tricks

  • Transform a classic dress in a fashion dress by combining it with a shirt
  • Don’t wear a classy dress too short, this could make it vulgar

I’m wearing a Paule Ka dress.