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Hello everyone !

You like my looks, my advice and my opinion on the collections… then I am the right person to be your personal coach for your look.

Together we will find the colours and style that suits you most. This will take place at my home. Mostly I do this in two sessions one session to analyse the colours that suit you most and another to find the style depending on your shape and personality. In addition, I can also make a personalized shopping tour with a choice of shops according to your budget, your morphology and your style.

After having relooked, dressed and advised with success my very private circle I decided to do the same for you. It is now possible to appeal to me to analyze your style and revive your wardrobe!Nowadays, getting a relooking is no longer a luxury, to call on a fashion professional is within reach of all!

A personal shopper does not improvise! My degree of all-round colour, style and image consultant, my knowledge of trends and my passion for fashion allow me to meet the needs of those who do not know how to dress or who simply lack time!


How takes place the personal coaching?

  • Analyse of the colours that suits you most: this will be done by using fabrics in different colours that I will put on you to chose the one that suits you most. It is important to wear no make-up. This will take around 2H.
  • Analyse of your style: based on the type of your shape I will show you the outfits that are in harmony with your shape but not only. They will also take into account your personality and style and will make you feel good about yourself. I advice you to arrive in tight clothing. The session will take around 2H30.
  • Personal shopping: I make a personalised shopping tour with a choice of shops according to your budget, your morphology and your style. The goal is to guide you to make the best possible purchases of outfits adapted to you and your expectations. We will choose together the town that is best indicated for the shopping


  • Analyse of the colours: 120 EURO
  • Analyse of your style: 150 euro
  • Analyse of colour and style: 250 euro
  • Personal shopping: 30 euro/h + transportation costs